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new moon in leo august 2015

Since I enjoyed celebrating last month's new moon so much, I decided to continue with this month - using Gala Darling's New Moon Magic post as a guide, and then doing my own research as well. This month's new moon, on the 14th/15th of August depending where you are, is in Leo - and is a time of creativity, romance and glamour (how awesome does that sound??). Keep reading to see how I celebrated!

This month's new moon is in Leo, a fire sign, and is supposed to be a time of creativity, self-expression, romance and love. Some sources online even call it the lovers new moon. This is the perfect time to make sure you are expressing your true authentic self, reaffirm your belief in yourself, take a stand for what you are passionate about, and pursue the desires of your heart (exciting!). To do this, Gala Darling suggests writing a 'Babe Statement' (a mission statement on how you want to look and feel), cleansing, charging and charming your mirrors, and incorporating some fire into your ritual. Here's what I did for the new moon!


This mission statement couldn't have come at a better time, as though I feel good about who I am as a person, I've been struggling recently on how I portray myself, and how others see me. I know everyone says not to worry about what other people think, and this isn't about that - its more about how I feel when I look at myself. Am I really presenting my true self to the world? Do I look like how I want to look? Do I feel the way I want to feel? I've always been creative, and expressing myself through the way I look and dress has always been a big factor in that. I think uniqueness, and someone's own personal style is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated. 

These feelings have been brewing for a while, and it took me a while to realise that my discontentment was all stemming from me looking normal. I look like your average girl on the street, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it made me realise that somehow I have left my own personal style at the wayside. I had let my inner creative down, and was not expressing my true self.

But the problem is, I don't know who my true self is any more, I've become so detached from her. So this isn't going to be a quick fix, it's going to be a soul search. But for now, I decided to sit down and take some time to envisage who I want to be right now: and use this as my babe statement. I thought I would share this process with you guys, seeing as I'm sure there are others who feel as sartorially lost as I do!

First, I found images of styles and clothes that I liked. Now, I'd already amassed quite a large 'fashion' board on pinterest (which contains anything fashion related that I like, whether it be actual items, looks, or even the feel of a picture), so I just looked at that, and picked out images that spoke to me. If you don't already have that, a little time on pinterest or tumblr will get you plenty! Then I looked for common themes amongst the pictures I'd pinned. I thought I had pretty eclectic taste, and while that is still true, a couple of common themes became apparent pretty quickly. 

| 1. The classic jeans, tee and leather jacket look. | 2. The interesting leather jacket. | 3. Asymmetrical and distressed pieces. | 4. The post-apocalyptic style layers. | 5. The hat. | 6. The lace bralettes. | 7. The soft muted colours. | 8. The nu-goth / pastel goth inspired. | 9. The cyber-inspired structural pieces. | 10. The blazer made casual look. | 11. The long witchy dress | 12. The rocker look. |

From this you can tell that clothing wise, I like monochrome and muted colour palettes, with both heavily structured and distressed textures. I like simple outfits, with emphasis on texture, that look comfortable and easy to wear. (Ps. all of these pics and their sources can be found on my pinterest fashion board). This was such an interesting and enlightening exercise to do, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling with their own personal style. Now I know what I actually like, what styles I am drawn to, and what I need to start filling my own wardrobe up with.


Most importantly during this new moon, I wanted to take some time to spend some quality time with my partner - it is the lovers moon after all! I now live with him and see him more than ever...but sometimes technology just gets in the way and when we're together we're not actually together if you know what I mean. I do love how we can comfortably do our own thing and just be with each other, but sometimes you need to just be together as people and not consumers. We spent a lovely evening together, just us, with some candles burning for some Leo fire energy! I think it's the little things like this, like taking that extra little time to be with someone, that keeps relationships alive and well. 

So this new moon I spent some quality time with myself - trying to identify my own personal style - and with my partner. Overall a lovely new moon celebration.

What did you do to celebrate the new moon? What would your babe statement look like?

PS | All pictures in mood boards are from pinterest, and all sources can be found there. 


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