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crown and glory glitterati august box rainbows and unicorns

It's that time of month again, when all the subscription boxes roll in. Today I'm going to share with you August's Crown and Glory Glitterati box! This month marks the Glitterati's one year anniversary, so this box was extra special, and filled with unicorns and rainbows!

The Glitterati is a subscription service from the lovely hair accessory company Crown and Glory. They send out surprise themed boxes every month, filled with around £50 worth of goodies, and also have a secret facebook club where members can chat and even swap items. Its a great little community, and it's crazy to think the Glitterati is going to celebrate it's year anniversary next month! Everyone gets slightly different items - sometimes a different colour, different style, etc - so this is what I received.

I've decided to film some of my unboxings, instead of just write about them, as I prefer to watch rather than read these kinds of things - and thought you guys might prefer it too! So here's the video:

This month birthday box theme was 'Rainbows and Unicorns', and it certainly delivered! Watch the video or keep on reading to see what I got in my box!

crown and glory glitterati august box rainbows and unicorns

I got the Love Bobby Pin Pair (RRP £5) in the pastel lilac and pink colourway, and I'm pretty sure there's also a pink and coral version too. These little clips are so cute! I love how they almost have a old school tattoo vibe, with the heart and scroll, but the pastel colours make them extra cutesy. These are a definite favourite, and a piece that I should hopefully get a lot of wear out of. I also got the Glitter Rainbow Clip (RRP £12) in the bright colourway (there's also a pastel!), and this cute little clip comes with an aligator clip back as well as a badge, so it's a multi-functional piece. I think this is lovely, but it's a bit too bright and colourful for me - so I might swap it for the pastel variation if I can. 

We all got a Rainbow Rose Clip (RRP £3), but every one is a unique blend of colours, which is a lovely touch! Mine is a proper rainbow, while others I've seen have predominantly one colour and a splash of a few others. It's a surprisingly big piece (watch the video to see a comparison against my head!) and is constructed beautifully - it looks just like a real rose, the attention to detail on the petals is lovely! I'm not too sure how I'm going to wear it, as it is so large, and I have so little hair, but I'll give it a go! The fourth piece we got is the Unicorn Wing Comb (RRP £10), which is an absolutely beautiful, and encrusted with shimmery almost holographic jewels! The shape is lovely and it looks great on - definitely another favourite! I kind of want two so I can wear one on each side and pretend I'm a magical girl...

Lastly, our fifth item was a Unicorn Headband (RRP £20) - part of C&Gs new collaporation with Sugar & Vice jewellery! It's a lovely acrylic 'unicorn' wording in pastel shades - I got pink but I've seen lilac and blue as well - that sits at a jaunty angle on the head. I have no idea how I will wear this but I'll give it a damn good go as it's just so cute!

But wait ... we also had some bonus items! We were all also sent some Glitter Unicorn Hair, which is a first look at C&G's new line of glitter hair extensions. I got the electric blue shade which looks pretty cool against my hair when it's white. I may save it for Christmas time, as it looks a bit fiddly to put in, so best saved for special occasions. We also got a lovely Veronica Dearly Print - the 'love is all rainbows and unicorns' design on the back of the information card.
crown and glory glitterati august box rainbows and unicorns

I really liked this month's box - I think the quality we're getting in the Glitterati boxes is just getting better and better! The little bobby pins and hair slide are definitely my favourite items from the box, though I do really like the headband and will desperately try to style it in a wearable way! 

If you want to join the Glitterati yourself, quote my name (Sarah Maitland) and we'll both get £10 vouchers! Subscriptions are £23.95 for UK, and £26.95 for international - find out more information here.


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