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Currently I have the tattoo bug pretty bad. I just got my third tattoo a month ago, and I have two that I'd love to get done in the near future. The only problem is finding an artist. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really picky when it comes to artists. I love people who have their own unique style, so that all of their work is consistent and beautiful, and am currently contacting a few about getting work done. While that's in the works, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite tattoo artists, all of whom have their own unique styles!

Nomi Chi is a tattoo artist and illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada. The main feature that drew me to her tattoos is her beautiful linework, and how everything she does looks just like an illustration. Somehow she manages to capture beautiful fluid lines, a sense of movement and incredible details - all just using linework. Her work usually features nature, with animals and leaves making frequent appearances, but she also reworks existing media (like games, or movie characters) into her own unique style. If I ever visit Canada I will definitely be paying her a visit if I can!

▸ Instagram: @nomi_chi
▸ Tumblr: nomicheese
▸ Twitter: @nomidraw
▸ Facebook: Nomi Chi draws pictures
▸ Shop: Gastown Tattoo Parlour

Under the name of Kelly Violence, she is currently based in London, UK. Her work is mainly botanical, and big floral pieces are her speciality. I was instantly drawn to her use of dense lines, which remind me of an old style illustration, almost akin to an etching or lithograph. She predominantly uses just black and grey ink, and rarely works in colour, but when she does it's so nicely done. I have a few floral pieces in mind and will definitely be contacting her!

▸ Instagram: @kellyviolence
▸ Shop: Parliament Tattoo

Alice Carrier is a tattoo artist based in Portland, OR. She is the newest tattoo artist on this list that I've fallen in love with. I found her work on pinterest, while I was looking for botanical tattoos, and I instantly loved her work. She describes her work as 'natural science themed with an occult flair' and I couldn't agree more. A lot of her work looks like old style botanical illustrations, and she tattoos a huge variety of flowers and plants, not just your classic roses. 

▸ Instagram: @alicerules
▸ Tumblr: alicecarrier
▸ Website: Alice Carrier
▸ Shop: Wonderland Tattoos

Mitch Allenden, who goes by the name of Sneaky Mitch online, is a tattoo artist and illustrator based in Leeds, UK. He works in black and grey, full colour, and sometimes a blend of the two (he's perfected the mix of blackwork and a splash of colour). His work is big, vibrant and often features animals like crows, wolves and sharks (usually with open, snarling mouths) - but it is his portraiture that made me love his work. I follow his work the most online, often seeing pieces transform from illustrations, to linework, to finished pieces, and for every new piece I see, the more I want to get one of my own. 

▸ Instagram: @sneakymitch
▸ Facebook: Sneaky-Mitch Allenden

Elize Nazelie is a fine artist and illustrator based in Boston, MA. Of all of these artists, she is the one I have followed the longest. Her style is soft, rounded lines with muted colouring, a beautiful blend. It almost reminds me of vintage illustrations. She specialises in large botanical and animal pieces, but fairytales and mythology often make appearances in her work, with characters we know and love fashioned in her own style. I am not planning on getting any colour pieces, but if I ever change my mind, she is one of the only people I would turn to.

▸ Etsy: Elize Nazelie
▸ Shop: Brilliance Tattoo

Can you guys sense a theme? I like badass artists who tattoo like their illustrating your skin! Hopefully this post has provided you with some tattoo inspiration, or some additional artists to stalk on social media.

Who are your current favourite tattoo artists? Let me know!

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Credit | None of these images are mine, they all belong to the individual artists and were sourced from their social media sites. 


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