Friday, 21 August 2015


 I've recently got back into swimming, and while I felt amazing in the pool, afterwards my muscles were aching. My thighs, particularly my right one, were aching so much that I couldn't sit comfortably - I kept having to shift position every few minutes. I tried massaging them, but nothing really helped, until I tied Our Tiny Bees Weird Balm Healing Salve. This is one product that I have definitely been loving.

Our Tiny Bees is a wonderful little company that uses British honey and beeswax (which helps support British bees!) and British lavender, along with a host of other magical ingredients. This particular little balm, aptly named Weird Balm (£9.95), is greenish in colour and smells highly medicinal (but in a really good way). Inspired by the apothecaries of the 19th century, it really does smell and feel like it works. It is incredibly oil rich, with avocado oil, which is full of antioxidants that can increase skin's suppleness; olive oil, which helps repair skin damage; cocoa butter, which is great for dry skin; and beeswax, which forms a protective layer on the skin. Along with these, it also contains many different essential oils, including lavender oil, which is naturally antibacterial; bergamot oil, which is antibiotic and a disinfectant; tea tree oil, which is great at warding off infections; and spearmint oil, which can promote healing. All of these lovely ingredients combine to make a beautifully healing balm that is easily absorbed. 

This balm was originally designed as a tattoo balm, and that's why I purchased it - as I've been looking for a cruelty free tattoo healing product - but it also has many other uses. I tried it on my aching muscles on a whim - after massaging using body butter and a massage bar proved ineffective - and it really worked! Within a few minutes, the throbbing ache had died down to almost nothing and I could sit comfortably for longer than when I just massaged with another product. Though it doesn't state that it is good for muscular aches, I certainly found it useful (and have been using it a lot recently), and will be keeping it on hand for after I work out!

Have you tried any Our Tiny Bees products? :)

PS | To find out more about Our Tiny Bees animal testing policies, check my correspondence page here.



  1. I may have to buy some of this to use as a tattoo balm, and to try out on my boyfriend as he is constantly moaning that his leg muscles are aching ha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Hey girl! I highly recommend it, it's a bit difficult to get out of the tin at first (to get enough to cover your leg) but once it warms up it's all good, and definitely worked on mine so hopefully would work on his too! :) x


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