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cruelty free make-up remover the body shop superdrug soap and glory
For me, removing my make-up is the most important part of my skincare routine, and I find that the make-up remover you use can make or break your whole skincare routine. Since going cruelty free I've tried a few different products, and have found what works, as well as what really doesn't

A good make-up removing product should be able to tackle anything thrown at it - foundation, waterproof mascara, stubborn matte lipstick - as efficiently and gently as possible. You should be left with a clean face, free from panda eyes or red smears around your mouth, and preferably not feel tight or greasy afterwards, just clean. Basically, it should do it's job. With that being said, let me get onto the reviews!

the body shop chamomile gentle eye make-up remover
This product is specifically for eye make-up removal, and is suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. It claims to leave lashes and skin feeling soft and clean, while gently melting away eye make-up in seconds.

I really like this product. It does what it claims, and removes eye make-up (as well as anything on the rest of your face) easily and with no stinging to the eyes. It even works watered down in a pinch (I was running out and couldn't get to the shops) which is pretty impressive. I found that you do need quite a bit of product, and the cotton pads get filled with make-up quite quickly, and you do need to rinse afterwards, but it is definitely efficient. 

Reviewers on the body shop website complain of a smell, but I haven't noticed anything, so maybe it's only particular batches - I'd recommend buying in store and sniffing before purchase to make sure! Even though this product works very well, it is quite expensive for how long it lasts. But, if you're after a product that works and is kind to skin, then I highly recommend it.

Verdict: GOOD :)

soap and glory total drama clean 5-in-1 micellar cleansing water
This product claims to remover make-up, dirt and impurities in one clean sweep, with no rubbing and no need to rinse. It is supposed to be gentle, non-drying and work for both face and eye make-up - and smell like peaches and cucumber. 

This is the first skincare product I've tried from Soap and Glory, bought in a hurry as I'd completely run out of everything else, and I have to say I am so disappointed. Firstly, the smell is incredibly off-putting - it smells like a cheap Pimms knock off, which isn't nice to use on the face, and not something I want to smell again in a hurry. Secondly, and most importantly, it doesn't work. The first time I tried it, I had on Soap & Glory's own Thick & Fast Mascara and Supercat eyeliner, neither of which claim to be waterproof (so that's not an excuse), and neither of which were removed from my face. It took a lot of rubbing to shift anything, leaving my skin really red and sore. Despite the fact there was no alcohol, it also stung my eyes when it inevitably got in them, and my whole face felt and looked greasy. I tried to make it better by using my own cleansing routine after, but the make-up now seemed engrained in my skin, and in the end I went to bed with extreme panda eyes and funny looks from my boyfriend. Bear in mind that I have removed this same make-up combo with just water before when I was stuck at a friends house with no products. 

Looking at the reviews on the boots website, it seems like a hit or miss product, with some saying it's fantastic and others with similar experiences to me. So I will let you be your own judge, as if it works, the bottle is huge and will likely last ages (so would be good value for money).

Verdict: BAD :(

superdrug micellar cleansing facial wipes
These wipes are formulated to efficiently cleanse away impurities, dissolving make-up and helping to remove waterproof mascara. The micellar technology is supposed to cleanse and tone without the need for rinsing, and are fragrance and alcohol free. 

These are some bold claims for some humble make-up wipes, but they certainly live up to them! They take off make-up instantly, and are a dream to use. My eye make-up just melts off without smearing on my under eye area in the process, and even stubborn waterproof eyeliner and lipstick can be easily sorted with minimal rubbing. Unlike other cheaper wipes, they are really 'wet' and full of product, meaning that just one wipe can remove a full face of make-up. Absolutely fantastic! 

I will say, though, that I do feel the need to rinse afterwards, as otherwise I feel slightly tight and shiny, but this is to be expected (make-up wipes are never as good as liquid cleansers) and I do that anyway in my own routine so it isn't really an issue (especially since they do such a good job). They're good value for money as well, as they last me pretty much a whole month (I don't wear make-up every day) and are often on promotion at just £1. I definitely reccommend these to anyone who likes using wipes on a daily basis, or was looking to get some for travelling, these are the best I've ever tried. 

Verdict: MAGICAL :)

I'm still on the lookout for that 'holy grail' make-up remover product, any suggestions?

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PS | For more information about these companies animal testing policies, click here (The Body Shop), here (Soap & Glory) and here (Superdrug)


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