Saturday, 18 July 2015


I'm graduating university on Monday (eee!) and we also have a graduation ball tonight (double eee!). The ball is 'Once Upon a Time' themed - how perfect does that sound? - so to celebrate the occasion, I decided to dress up as magical as possible. And what does a magical girl going to a ball wear you ask? A flower crown of course! So I requested a (very last minute!) custom order from the lovely Sophie of Crown and Glory for a variant of her beautiful Meadow Crowns, but with a 'witch's garden' theme.

When making my order, I knew I wanted it to look very natural and subtle (or as subtle as a flower crown can get), with a lot of greenery, and only a few delicate flowers. I asked for rosemary, lavender and baby's breath (we also toyed with foxgloves but they were sadly waaay to big!) and Sophie added some mint leaves and tiny purple flowers too, which were lovely touches. She did a perfect job of making it packed full of flowers and herbs, without looking OTT. This crown has got some weight to it, in a good way, and is sturdy while still having some flexibility. This is because the crown comes on a flexible 'rustic' wired base - which isn't visible at all it's that packed! - and is finished with satin ribbon ties, so the whole thing can be adjusted to any head/poofy hair size. This is perfect, as I have a rather small head, so one-size crowns are always just that bit too big. 

The crown is even more beautiful than I could have imagined, and it goes perfectly with my now grey-purple hair (tutorial, anyone?). I am so looking forward to wearing it tonight! I definitely also need some of the other flower crowns Crown and Glory do, like their new Wildflower Fields Meadow Crown (ugh, so gorgeous!), Sunshine Meadow Crown (which I've been coveting for a long time) and the Whole Lotta Rosie Crown in Ice Cream (such a lovely pastel colourway). 

I bought this crown as a gift to myself for graduation, and I am so happy I did! If you want your own custom Crown and Glory piece, contact them here for a quote (For reference, mine cost £50 plus p&p, which considering you are getting a unique handcrafted piece, is totally worth it).

If you could have a custom crown, what would be on it? I'd love to know!

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