Friday, 31 July 2015


This month's mixtape is a medley of slow, moody tracks, upbeat rock music, and a bit of 50s rock and roll... 

Sometimes I'm just feeling chill, mellow songs, so here we have tracks from Lana Del Ray and The Pretty Reckless, as well as Lacuna Coil's version of Losing My religion, which is fantastic. Other slower songs include Save Tonight by Eagle Eyed Cherry, which my boyfriend was playing non-stop at the beginning of the month, and it was so catchy that it had to go on this playlist.

I was reminded of my love of Halestorm around the time of this month's new moon (see my post here), and their music always makes me feel pumped, that's the only way to really describe the feeling. I included Rock Show, one of my favourite songs to make me instantly feel powerful, as well as Unapologetic which has a great beat, and one of their slower tracks called Dear Daughter (which I've only just found, and now love).

My boyrfiend and I went to one of our favourite restaurants in Portsmouth, called Jags 119, earlier in the month. It's a 50s style diner, and they usually play 50s rock and roll style music too, but this time their playlist was on point and we had to ask what it was. Turns out it was just this one band, called The Baseballs, who cover modern hits in that sexy 50s rock and roll style. I included a few of my favourites, including I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman, Paparazzi and Bitch. All of these are unexpectedly fantastic, and one of them is live, showing just how great the group are. Speaking of sexy songs, I also included Smooth by Santana, because it has a fantastic guitar solo that you just have to sing along to ('bwoowwww'). 

Like any of these tracks, let me know!

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