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crown and glory glitterati 4th of july unboxing
 This month's Crown and Glory Glitterati box was 4th of July themed, so was of course filled with stars, stripes and other American references! Think Mini mouse, fast food and pop art, and you have these spangly accessories. This was such a fun box - see below for what I got inside!

The Glitterati is a subscription service from the lovely hair accessory company Crown and Glory. They send out surprise themed boxes every month, filled with around £50 worth of goodies, and also have a secret facebook club where members can chat and even swap items. Its a great little community, and it's crazy to think the Glitterati is going to celebrate it's year anniversary next month! Everyone gets slightly different items - sometimes a different colour, different style, etc - so this is what I received.

crown and glory glitterati 4th of july unboxing
I got the Stripe Headband (RRP £15) in the blue and white colourway. This is such a cute almost nautical style piece that would look great with a 50s style hairdo. It also came in a red and white wired headscarf style, which I may swap for as it looks really cute! Next I got the Star Barrette Clip (RRP £8) in gold, which is a beautiful matte metal clip that also came silver, and I kind of want both. I love the matte effect, and the fact it's a barrette - I've not seen one in these boxes yet!

One piece that everyone went crazy for is the Glitter Fast Food (RRP £20), a piece that came in three different styles - a hotdog bandeau, which I got, a burger headband and (get this!) a doughnut comb. These are all glittery, and all fantastically kitschy, and I definitely need the doughnut in my life. The adorable hair clips you see above are the Minnie Mouse Clip Set (RRP £8). This adorable piece comes with two silver glitter mouse ear shaped snap clips, and a mini polka dot bow clip (which came in a few different colours). Such an adorable idea!

Lastly, I got a Retro Print Headband (RRP £10) in the jukebox print headscarf variation, which is a wonderful pinup style item. I've seen a few other variations, such as a comic book and graffiti print, and they also come in giant bow headband form. I need to learn how to tie a bow on my head, stat!

crown and glory glitterati 4th of july
These are my two favourite pieces - the Mini Mouse Clip Set and the Star Barrette Clip. I can't wait to try the barrette in half up half down hairstyles, and in the back of buns. And I've seen the Mini clips used in front of adorable 90s double buns by another member, which I totally want to try out too! But like always, I'll try out all of the items in the box and see what the other ladies do as well.

I can't wait for next month's anniversary box - I have no idea what the theme will be, but I'm sure it will be fantastic!

If you want to join the Glitterati yourself, quote my name (Sarah Maitland) and we'll both get £10 vouchers! Subscriptions are £23.95 for UK, and £26.95 for international - find out more information here.

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