Saturday, 4 July 2015


Ok, so I needed a haircut bad. I'd been growing out an awful haircut for over a year, bleaching it white along the way and using hairbands that ripped out chunks of hair (ouch!). You can imagine what my hair was like (spoiler alert: it was bad). But I didn't want to compromise my ethical choices just to get a good haircut, so I put it off for ages - that is, until I heard about Green Mango salon.

Green Mango is the only salon I have ever heard of that is ecologically sound (they use wind powered energy and environmentally friendly products) as well as cruelty free (they use Davines!).
As soon as I found this out, I was delighted to see that one of their few branches was in my own city, so I quickly went in to make an appointment and got one for the next day.

I was a little apprehensive as I hadn't had a haircut in so long, and my hair was in terrible condition. But after bit of scolding (you've been bleaching your hair for how long? You've been using what products?) I told the hairdresser what I wanted and she assured me that she would only cut off what she absolutely had to, so that I could keep as much length as possible. Perfect! I had decided on a blunt shoulder length bob, with a few layers put in - this wasn't really optional due to the breakage I'd suffered. She did a fantastic job, especially considering what she was working with, and blended my layers in seamlessly, and cut it in such a way that I have so much more volume. She could even run a comb through my hair - something I haven't been able to do in a long time. So I am super pleased, and feel a lot more confident. The power of a good hair cut, eh?

green mango davines

As well as giving me a great cut, she offered advice on what products to use to try and rebuild my hair's condition. One of the products she suggested was the Nourishing Hair Building Pak, a treatment-like conditioner that 'restructures and nourishes the hair shaft', exactly what I needed so I bought one then and there. She also gave me some sample sizes of their shampoo and conditioner to try out - the NouNou and Melu ranges - and I look forward to testing them. She also introduced me to their Texturising Dust, which gave immediate matte volume to my hair, without weighing it down or looking crispy like seasalt spray can do to my fine hair - this product is definitely on my wishlist!

So all in all, an excellent experience at Green Mango salon (I'm totally going back!), and I love my new blunt bob! Have you had any hair disasters or resurrections? Let me know!

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PS | To find out more about Davines cruelty free status click here (correspondance on


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