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lush empties
I have a confession to make: I'm a Lush hoarder. Ever since I started buying from Lush many moons ago, I've just hung onto the pots long after they're finished. Lush offer a recycling incentive, and if you bring back 5 clean empty pots they give you a fresh face mask in return. Half the time I haven't reached the 5 pot mark (it's only select products, the pots, which take ages to use up, so it takes a while to accumulate a stash) and have just thrown them away over the years. But last year I decided to actually keep them and take them all into be recycled at my local lush (the bottles won't count towards the face mask but hopefully they can be recycled too!) to do my bit for the environment, and also get a cheeky free product too. So here's my last year in Lush products, read below to find out what I thought of them!

lush jasmine and henna fluff ease retread dreamwash empties

Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease Hair Treatment (£12.50)
This pre-wash treatment is filled with strengthening and conditioning ingredients, and claims to reduce breakage when combing as well as adding weight to otherwise fluffy hair. Firstly let me say that this smells amazing, like a combination of jasmine and ylang ylang. I bought this after a recommendation from one of the girls at my local Lush, around the time I had first bleached my hair to white, and it was in a bit of a sorry state. It did what it said it would do, and made my hair feel softer and definitely less frizzy and fluffy (sadly the beautiful smell did not stick around as it's used before you wash your hair, sad times!). However, since my hair was so dry and damaged it just sucked everything up, meaning I had to use a lot of product to cover my whole head (even though I only had shoulder length hair) and I think I only got two good uses out of it, and a bit left over. So a great one off treatment for really damaged or dehydrated hair, but not something I would recommend as a regular thing due to the price tag.
Repurchase? If I ever seriously damage my hair again, yes.

Retread Conditioner (£10.75)
Confession time: this product isn't even empty. That's how much it did not work for me! There's half left and as much as I hate waste, I just can't bring myself to use it. Now there's a good chance I have a bad batch, or it just really doesn't mesh with my hair type - as the reviews on this are fantastic. I think it's supposed to smell like melon and yoghurt, but to me it just smells gross, and it's supposed to be a heavy duty conditioner, but it just dried my hair out and made it very difficult to comb through. So total flop for me! I'd recommend definitely trying a sample before committing to the whole tub, as it seems to be a hit or miss product.
Repurchase? No way! It just doesn't suit my hair type. 

Dreamwash Shower Smoothie (discontinued)
I am so so sad that this product is no longer available, as this was fantastic for my sensitive skin! I'm definitely going to check my local shop to see if they have any left, as this was just so soothing - and I recommend anyone else who loved it too do the same as its no longer on the website! We can only hope that they bring out a similar product in the future!
Repurchase? Would if I could!

lush aqua marina buche de noel ocean salt empties

Aqua Marina Fresh Cleanser (£6.75 for 100g pot)
This is one of my favourite Lush products, ever! It's a bit odd to use at first - you scoop a bit out and then mix it with water - but once you get used to that you realise how amazing it is to have control over the consistency. You can make it as runny or thick as you like, which is fantastic (I personally like it quite thick). As for ingredients, there's seaweed and calamine in it, which mean that it is perfect for combination skin - you get some of the oil busting power while still being gentle, and without over-drying your skin - as well as sensitive skin. It has a wonderfully creamy consistency and comforting smell, and my face never feels tight or dry after using it. One thing you have to watch out for, though, are the little chunks of seaweed that like to linger in your hairline! 
Repurchase? Already have!

Bûche de Noël Facial Cleanser (seasonal)
This is one of Lush's Christmas products, and is basically a Christmassy version of Angels on Bare Skin. It has ground almonds, almond oil, seaweed, satsumas and a slug of brandy too! It sounds good enough to eat, and smells it too! Like the Aqua Marina cleanser, you mix it with water, but this ones a bit more crumbly and messy. I do really like it, and its fantastic for dull-looking winter skin, as it definitely made me feel more 'glowy' - but maybe a bit too harsh for all year round. 
Repurchase? For a Christmas treat, definitely. 

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub (£7.75 for 120g)
If you like fresh scents and heavy exfoliation, this is for you. It smells fantastic - lime, grapefruit, seasalt, and vodka (on my!) - and definitely does the job. After using it I felt super clean and refreshed. But its just a little too harsh for my skin, and I personally need regular but gentle exfoliation instead of a once weekly scrub, so this wasn't quite right for me. But if your skin needs a good scrub, this would be perfect.
Repurchase? No, but would recommend.

lush tea tree water rehab it's raining men mint julips empties

Tea Tree Water (£7.95)
This bottle of toner sounds expensive, but in reality it's really not - as it lasted me a whole year! It's great, the best tea tree based toner I've tried. It makes you feel clean and toned, without that over-dry tightness other brands can give.
Repurchase? No, but only because I love the Eau Roma Water more!

Rehab Shampoo (£5.50 for 100ml)
I love this shampoo! Despite the long list of fruits in the ingredient list, it smells of herbs and peppermint - which is my absolute favourite shampoo smell! I'm not sure if its marketed as a shampoo for oily hair or dry, as I've seen it both ways, which made me sceptical at first. But let me tell you, this product is great if you have oily roots and dry lengths! The herbal concoction makes your scalp and roots feel super clean and non-greasy, but it doesn't compromise on hydration like other herbal shampoos can, and my lengths still felt soft and hydrated. Love it!
Repurchase? Once I use up my current shampoo stash, definitely!

It's Raining Men Shower Gel (£4.75 for 100ml)
This stuff smells so good! Like, I want to keep sniffing myself kinda good! It's a honey based shower gel, which as well as being antiseptic, soothes and helps retain moisture. I bought it for two reasons, 1) I'd read in the reviews on the Lush website that it helped people with skin conditions similar to my own, and 2) I love anything with honey in it. I didn't use it long enough to see if it made a difference to my skin condition (I have those weird under the skin bumps on the backs of my arms, and on the front of my thighs, that can get red and irritated) but it definitely didn't make it worse like some other strong-scented shower gels do (Original Source, I'm looking at you!). Even if it doesn't help, the smell and good skin feel alone make me love it!
Repurchase? Definitely!

Mint Julips Lip Scrub (£5.50 for 25g)
This is the best lip scrub I have ever tried, and I won't be trying any more in the near future as this is all I need. It does what it's says it will, and gently exfoliates your lips, and has a gorgeous mint and vanilla scent/flavour. They say you can lick it off, but I always wash it away (more to stop myself just straight up eating it than anything else). This is perfect in the winter to prevent or combat chapped lips, and great before putting on lipstick to get rid of any little bits of dry skin. I don't use it much at the moment as I don't need to, but come winter time I certainly will!
Repurchase? Already have.

lush empties

Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar (£5.75)
No photo of this adorable pink number as it's all used up and gone! This was one of Lush's newer shampoo bars at the time, and it smelled so good I had to pick it up (it has a Rose Jam scent, uhhh). It's made with argan oil, and kind of acts like a conditioner too - in fact one of the ladies in store said she didn't even need to condition afterwards. I still needed to condition, but it definitely kept my super damaged hair feeling more soft, and less straw-like. It also lathered pretty well too, and was easy to use. My only issue with these solid shampoo bars is the fact they become very difficult to use as time goes on, and stick to things, fall apart, etc. (I think this is an issue of all of the range as I'm currently using Godiva and it has the same issues). It's worth it for the smell and soft hair though! Definitely look it up if you have dry or damaged hair (Jumping Juniper is good for oily hair btw, I've used it in the past on my extremely oily natural hair and loved it).
Repurchase? Yes.

Phew, that's all of them! Looking at the photos you may not think this is a lot of products, especially considering this has been a year's worth - but I do buy other brands too (contrary to what my boyfriend believes) and I still have lots of products on the go at the moment too. Don't worry, my Lush obsession is alive and well! I'm going to clean these out properly and take them down to my local shop next week, and claim my free face mask! Which one should I pick??

I hope you found these reviews useful! Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Let me know!

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PS | If you want to read more about Lush's animal testing beliefs, click here.


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