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fudge urban hair art colour coral crush
I was browsing the hair isle in Superdrug when I spotted these graffiti-esque spray cans - Fudge URBAN Hair Art Colour - which promised temporary wash-out colour. They come in four colours, pink, coral, violet and turquoise, and can be applied as all over colours, ombres or even through stencils. As I'd been considering coral hair, but didn't want to take the plunge in case it didn't suit me - I thought these would be perfect. So I picked myself up a can of Coral Crush and gave it a go!

 I started with what you see above, a clean white base colour - perfect to see the true colour of the spray, and to test if it really does wash out like it says it does! I decided on a full head application, with a very slight ombre at the ends so a little bit of white peeked through. Here's how I did it:

Start with styled hair (as you won't really be able to once the colour is applied). I had second day hair, so I used some heat protector and gave myself some very light and subtle straightener waves to add a little more dimension to my style, and used a little texturising spray for a bit of hold.

Wrap a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes and skin from splatter. I'd also recommend using this hair colour before doing your makeup, as some will get on your face (and if you use the coral, make you look like you got a super bad tan) and you'll need to wipe it off. I had some makeup wipes on stand by for this, and they worked perfectly. 

Spray your hair from a good distance away so that the colour is evenly distributed and not concentrated on one spot. I just did the top layers of my hair first to get a feel of the colour, then I opened up sections of my underneath layers to give them a good spray too, leaving the very ends still slightly white. As I was aiming for an ombre, this worked fine for me, but if you're going for a full all-over colour, or you have longer hair, I'd recommend sectioning your hair and doing the under, mid and top layers separately for optimal coverage. 

Spot clean any bits of your skin that have colour on them (check your hairline, ears and neck!) and wash your hands (you can see from below my hands were totally coral, and I was leaving little coral fingerprints everywhere before I noticed!). This is also a good time to grab a mirror and check you've gotten even coverage on the back of your head, and haven't missed any spots.
fudge urban hair art colour coral crush
Now you have your coloured hair, work it! My coral looked fantastic on, and didn't make my hair look crispy or dry - if anything it just made it look more texturised and grungy (the look I was going for anyway!). I was super impressed with the colour, and felt that it looked pretty 'natural' - and not like I'd just spraypainted my hair! Just a heads up though, this stuff does transfer, so hold back on the hair touching, and be prepared for a little to rub off on clothing - it is temporary colour after all!

Once you've had your fun, you can easily wash this product out. I just shampooed and conditioned like usual and it washed out completely with no problems and no staining! My hair wasn't in any worse condition either, so the spray didn't seem to dry it out at all. 

I'm very impressed with the pigmentation and easy application of this product. Its perfect to try out new colours before committing to actual dye, to get a new look for an event, or even for cosplay/costume purposes. I used about 2/3 of a can for this length hair, so if you have super long hair you might need two if you're going for full coverage, but I consider this pretty good value for a fun one off experiment.
fudge urban hair art colour coral crush

You can pick up a can of Fudge URBAN Hair Art yourself at Superdrug, currently only £3.99!

Have you ever used temporary hair colour like this? What did you think? Let me know!

PS, yes I did feel like Leeloo all day. No I didn't keep saying Multipass. Nope, not me.
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PS | If you want to read more about Fudge's cruelty free status, click here.


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