Saturday, 12 September 2015


It's that time of month again for the Crown and Glory Glitterati subscription box unboxing! This month's box was autumn themed, with beautiful dark colours, flowers and leaves. This box was also my birthday month, which means that I get an extra special little present. Join me in unboxing below!

The Glitterati is a subscription service from the lovely hair accessory company Crown and Glory. They send out surprise themed boxes every month, filled with around £50 worth of goodies, and also have a secret facebook club where members can chat and even swap items. In some boxes, everyone can get slightly different items - sometimes a different colour, different style, etc - so this is what I received. Check out my video above to see my reactions to the items, or just keep reading below to find out what I received. 

Like I said, this month was my birthday month - so what do I see greeting me when I open the box? A little holographic envelope with my name on it, and instructions not to open until my actual birthday! I'm going to heed them, and so won't be unboxing this today. I'll post on my social media accounts (@lycaenide) what I get! Under the sparkly package was this months actual goodies - wrapped in lovely maroon tissue paper. The little card with information about the items inside was a pumpkin orange colour with a little white leaf print. 

This month we all got the Autumn Berry Crown (RRP £15), which is a Crown and Glory exclusive item. The Autumn Berry Crown has gorgeous purple flowers, and adorable little purple berries, along a natural looking crown. The flowers are set at an angle, so sit on the side of your head, and the crown is tied with lavender ribbons. I'm a little picky about my crows, I prefer the fuller Meadow style crowns that C&G do, but this has enough going on - with all of the little berries - to still be interesting and 'full' looking. 

Next we all got the Lotta Rosie Headband (RRP £18) in a deep red colour. I've been wanting one of these headbands, in this exact colour, for ages so I'm really happy to recieve this now! This headband features very realistic foam roses, in the perfect size so as to not be too in your face, but still make a statement. 

We also all got the Golden Leaf Bobby Pin Pair (RRP £10), an adorable little set of gold half-size pins. They feature two tiny little leaves, which look a lot like rose leaves to me. This size is perfect for me and my thin hair, and I'm definitely going to be using these a lot as they're so subtle, but still kind of fancy, and easy to wear.

Lastly, we got one item that came in different colourways. I got the ivory Monarch Butterfly Clips (RRP £10), but they also came in rust. These little clips feature two butterflies made out of feathers, that look super realistic. I don't think I've seen any butterfly accessories that look this good! Unfortunately, while I like butterflies, I'm not that into accessorising with them - so I think this is the item that will get the least wear (so I may swap it in the facebook group)

The Lotta Rosie headband and the little Golden Leaf bobby pins are definitely my favourite pieces from this month, though everything in the box was lovely, and the box itself is my favourite we've ever received. Mainly because the items are the most wearable for me, and fit my style. Red roses and delicate leaves, yes please

If you want to join the Glitterati yourself, quote my name (Sarah Maitland) and we'll both get £10 vouchers! Subscriptions are £23.95 for UK, and £26.95 for international - find out more information here.


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