Tuesday, 27 October 2015


This month's Crown and Glory Glitterati box was definitely a good one. Although I was sad that it wasn't Halloween themed, the fact that this box was so lovely made up for it! If you like constellations, stars and black glitter then this is the box for you!

The Glitterati is a subscription service from the lovely hair accessory company Crown and Glory. They send out surprise themed boxes every month, filled with around £50 worth of goodies, and also have a secret facebook club where members can chat and even swap items. Its a great little community, and it's crazy to think the Glitterati is going to celebrate it's year anniversary next month! Everyone gets slightly different items - sometimes a different colour, different style, etc - so this is what I received

This month's box was Constellation themed, which was fantastic - space and star themed goodies in black, silver and navy? This box was perfect for me and my monotone, and rather understated, wardrobe. Colour and glitter is still rather scary for me, so this box was much easier to work into my wardrobe. 

The first item in this month's box was the Constellation Headband (RRP £20), a beret style headband that is not only unique to the Glitterati, but also personalised to each of us: each headband is emblazoned our very own starsign constellation! This is such a nice touch, and I love the way the Virgo constellation looks. The main piece is huge, and sits on the head at a jaunty angle, very much like a beret. It's made of a black, almost glittery fabric with little silver stars, and feels very sturdy and high quality. This is a beautiful piece, but a bit too large for me to easily style into my everyday wardrobe, so may be just reserved for special occasions.

Next we have the Star Print Wired Headscarf (RRP £15). This is one of those wired headbands, so you can shape it however you like when you have it on - into a bow, or bunny ears, etc. I got the navy version, which I'm pleased about, as the dark muted navy fabric goes so well with the little golden stars! The fabric is sheer, but where it's so dark you can't see the wire through it, which is great. This piece is a little easier to wear, and I plan on using it when I have a high pony, to give an almost vintage hair look.

Next I got the beautiful Starlight Comb (RRP £10) in silver and black glitter. I love that Crown and Glory are including hair combs in their boxes now (the Unicorn wing comb in a previous box is still one of my favourite pieces) as they're so versatile, and can be easily worn with both long and short hair. It's a bit too wide to pull hair back from my face when wearing a side parting, like I do with the other comb, but I think this will look lovely in the back of a half up half down style, or in a plait. 

Lastly, and my favourite item in the box, the No Snag Tie Trio (RRP £6).  I love these kinds of hair bands, as they don't damage my fragile hair, and they also look really cute in your hair and on your wrist. This set has a dark navy band and a constellation print band, both in a lovely smooth and silky texture, as well a lovely glittery purple band. I've used all of these already, and the two fabric bands are perfect - they tie around my hair three times without being too tight or too loose. The glitter band is less flexible, but all glittery bands are like this, and it's the best quality one I've ever used: none of the glitter has fallen off or cracked, and it doesn't feel rough on the hair.

So all in all a very good box. I really like everything in this box, and these items are sure to get a lot of use.

If you want to join the Glitterati yourself, quote my name (Sarah Maitland) and we'll both get £10 vouchers! Subscriptions are £23.95 for UK, and £26.95 for international - find out more information here.

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