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Every holiday, Lush brings out a limited edition range of products, and every year, the one I look forward to most is their Halloween range! This year, I thought I would celebrate their Halloween range release by making a cute little stopmotion film showing you what I got. Enjoy!

Instead of doing a regular haul or review video for the Lush Halloween range (which everyone has already done, and as the range is so small - you've probably already seen it before!) I decided to do something different. I used to make a lot of stop motion films, so decided to try making one again. As it's been a while, it's not fantastic quality - but that's not the point - it's meant to be a fun, lighthearted little video in the spirit of Halloween - so I hope you enjoy! If you want to hear my views on the products, carry on reading below.

This year for Halloween, as well as bringing out individual products, Lush brought out two 'Heebie Jeebie' gift sets - the Heebie Jeebie Bat and the Heebie Jeebie Pumpkin. They come in bauble-like form, with little strings to hang them up if you wish, and two shower or bath goodies inside. I chose the Heebie Jeebie Bat (£9.95) because it was just too adorable to pass up. Tiny little flappy wings? Check. Tiny little smiley fangs? Check. It also came bearing two Lush shower products - what's not to love?

The first item in the Heebie Jeebie Bat was a little 60g bottle of Lord of Misrule Shower Scream (£4.95 for 100g). This shower gel is full of patchouli, peppercorn and vanilla - giving it a wonderfully earthy smell, sweet yet peppery. I'm not usually a massive patchouli fan, but this is more herbal than 'mothballs', and I really like the scent. In the shower, it lathers up bright green, which is fun, but completely washes off. So while you look like a lagoon monster in the shower, you quickly transform back to your regular old human form. I'll definitely be picking up a bigger bottle of this while they're still around!

The second product in the bat's belly was a full sized tub of Nightwing Shower Jelly (£3.95) - a wriggly, wobbly, bat shaped jelly that smells of lime fruit pastilles. Now, I must confess, shower jellies totally creep me out. Like, to the point that my skin crawls. When we were in the Oxford Street Lush, they had giant, and I mean gigantic, versions of Nightwing - and the staff kept coming over and whacking it so it wriggled and jiggled everywhere, much to my dismay. But I plucked up the courage to poke it, which wasn't so bad. I love the bat shape so much that I'm willing to give it a go, despite being thoroughly creeped out by it!

As well as these shower products, Lush also brought out two bath bombs (which come in the Pumpkin gift, btw) - the Lord of Misrule bath bomb and the Sparkly Pumpkin bath bomb. I got the Sparkly Pumpkin last year, so this year I chose the Lord of Misrule bath bomb (£3.95) instead. This has the same smell as the shower scream, and apparently turns your bath greens and wine colours -which sounds fantastic. I'm going to save this for Halloween (as I can't have baths very often, so reserve them for special occasions)!

I always love Lush's seasonal ranges - particularly their Autumn/Winter ones. Over the next few months I'll be picking up more from their Christmas collection, and may do a similar video in tribute - what do you think?

Did you get any of their Halloween range? Let me know what you got!

PS | If you want to read more about Lush's cruelty free policies, click here.


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