Friday, 9 October 2015


Last month my partner and I took a trip to London to celebrate my birthday, and the main goal of the day was to visit the Oxford Street Lush store. I'd heard tales of this gigantic Lush store with exclusive products and I had to visit it! I chose five things for my birthday, and then treated myself to a perfume too. Here's everything that I got!

I had such a great time visiting the Oxford Street store (it's three stories, guys!). I sniffed everything I came across, and got whisked away by the employees to try out products several times. I loved the energy of everyone there, everyone seemed super excited! My boyfriend was kind enough to basically let me loose in the store and pick out whatever I wanted for my birthday, so here's what I chose!

Without realising it, I picked up a few Christmas items. Firstly, I picked up Christingle Body Conditioner (£16.50) after testing it out in store (when an enthusiastic sales assistant smothered my arms in the stuff) and loving the mintiness. It also tingles a bit which is quite pleasant, and has peppermint, menthol, and grapefruit in it - which makes for a lovely refreshing fragrance. It feels like the Ro's Argan Body conditioner, a product that I already love, so I'm glad to add this to my collection. I reckon that it will be great to pair with a herbal shower gel, to give a nice minty finish. It's so rare to find peppermint products that aren't labelled as 'foot products', so if like me you like anything remotely minty, go grab some of this!

Following on the mint-wagon, I grabbed a Salt and Peppermint bark Shower Scrub (£5.95). Again, it smells lovely and minty, but also really sweet and sugary. I've been looking for a scrub that isn't oily, so that I can use it on my chest and back (areas that need a good scrub but I find oily scrubs too rich for these areas) and this seems perfect.

Lastly, I grabbed a good sized bottle of Rose Jam shower gel (£9.75) - my first ever bottle of this iconic Christmas product. I fell in love with the scent earlier in the year, and had pretty much the entire range except this - so I am very glad to have this in my shower now as it smells fantastic.

I also had to pick up an Oxford Street Exclusive, and opted for one of their bath oils. I picked I Am A Radiant Being, which is an adorable bright pink little star. It smells very similar to Rose Jam -having lemon, geranium, and rose oils - so obviously it smells fantastic! Apparently these little bath melts are good for more sensitive skins, which is perfect for me as I sometimes have issues with bath bombs (and baths in general to be honest). Hopefully this will be a nice little treat that doesn't set my skin off.

I also got one of the Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioners (£5.95) - one of Lush's new haircare products. This conditioner is supposed to help reduce the brassiness of blonde hair, so I'm hoping to use it to keep my white/silver hair in good condition. It has a very subtle fragrance of violet leaf, rose and bergamot, but still smells lovely. I love Lush's solid shampoo bars so hopefully I'll like their solid conditioners too!

Lastly I treated myself to one of Lush's Gorilla Perfumes. My local Lush store only has the newest perfume series, but the Oxford Street store has all of them, so I stood there spraying and sniffing for ages until I had tried them all! I chose Flower's Barrow (£16), a lovely fruity floral scent inspired by the Dorset countryside. Being from the New Forest, I instantly fall in love with anything that reminds me of it. This perfume has notes of geranium, rose, blackcurrant and Roman chamomile, so you get the nice floral background with a little bit of tart sweetness from the blackcurrants, spiciness from the geranium, and softness from the chamomile. Altogether a lovely, and interesting, daytime perfume.

That's everything that I got! I had a really lovely day, and would recommend a visit to the Oxford Street store to any Lush fan. The atmosphere is fantastic, and they literally have all of the products out for you to try!

Have you visited the Oxford Street store? What did you get?

PS | If you want to read more about Lush's cruelty free policies, click here.


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