Saturday, 17 October 2015


Today I'm coming at you with a quick light-hearted - and Halloween related - post! As Halloween draws near, more and more themed products come into stores, which is freaking fantastic. It means that people like myself, who basically want spooky themed items all year round, take this time to stock up on everything. Including socks. Yes, that's right, Halloween socks

If you've had the pleasure of seeing my laundry, you'd know that not only do I have more socks than any human needs, and an ungodly proportion of these are the novelty variety. Last year I managed to pick up a few pairs of Halloween socks, a candy themed pair from New Look, a skeleton pair from Topshop, and a spooky set from Primark.

This year, of course I had to pick up some more! I nabbed a pair of TopShop Fluffy Bat Halloween Socks (£3.50), which are just so adorable and soft! I also grabbed a set of Primark Halloween trainer socks (£2.00), which feature different ghost styles, so I'm pretty much set.

There are also a few other pairs I have my eye on, but I will refrain from buying any more - because I really don't need them. But if you are looking to get some themed socks yourself, here's a few of my favourites:

1. ASOS Halloween Pumpkin 3D socks (£3.00)
2. New Look Grey Halloween Print Socks (£1.99)
3. New Look Black Metallic Moon and Stars Print Socks (£1.99)
4. New Look Black Halloween Cat Socks (£1.99)
5. Topshop Digital Print Halloween Pug socks (£3.50)
6. ASOS Halloween Skeleton Foot socks (£3.00)

Anyone else love novelty socks as much as me?


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