Thursday, 1 October 2015


Firstly, I must apologise for being a bit absent online over the last month. A lot of things have been going on in my personal, professional and academic lives and it's just been a bit hectic to be honest. So I thought I'd just have a little chat with you guys, and let you know what's been going on, and what I'm planning for the future.

September is usually a busy month for me in general, as it's the start of a new academic year, as well as mine and my mum's birthday month. This year, though, I'm starting my masters degree, which brings with it a whole new level of academia, responsibility and expectations. My particular course is very self-oriented, in that I am basically given free reign over what I do and when. Which is fantastic, but also means I have to timetable myself, which I've never had to do to such a scale before. I also naively didn't realise that my course was a whole year, and not an academic year - which meant that all of the budgeting I'd planned for went out the window... meaning I'm having to pick up more shifts at work in order to support myself. So, lots of business on the university and job front. 

Also, and very sadly, my mum got really ill just as I started back at university, and she stayed in hospital for a good few weeks. I visited her as much as I could, and thankfully now she is back at home and on the mend. While I was in my local Lush shop browsing for gifts for her, I got chatting to a lovely lady, and she slipped a free face mask into my bag as a 'get well soon' present for my mum! How nice is that?

I also visited London for the day with my boyfriend (mainly for the massive Oxford Street Lush shop), and we had a fantastic day. We walked around Covent Garden, had delicious crepes and tried free samples of tea and hot chocolate at Whittards (where I bought some Alice in Wonderland themed tea!). Then we checked out Oxford Street, marvelling at the adorable pumpkin display and belltower archway in the Disney store, and the huge wall of spotlit shoes through the ages in the Nike store. In All Saints, I treated myself to a new suede jacket, in a gorgeous rust red colour. I've been lusting after All Saints leathers for literally years, so thought it was about time I invested (ps. All Saints are one of the few leathers brands who are actually as ethical as possible in their sources).

We ended up in Lush, where I was essentially let loose. I absolutely loved it. It was just as spectacular as I imagined (there are three floors, guys!) and it was so exciting to see all of the exclusive products. Through some sort of sorcery we had inadvertently managed to time it just as they were launching the new Christmas and Halloween ranges - so we got to see a sneak peak of them too! The whole time my boyfriend was doing Attenborough style commentary on me in my natural habitat in between being grabbed by the super lovely and enthusiastic staff (who tested pretty much everything in the store on his arms until they were thoroughly moisturised and glittery).

So that's what I've been doing! Now onto what I plan to do. Basically, I plan to be more active on the blog and video front, posting at least once a week on each. You may have noticed that my sites have had a little rebrand. This is basically because I wasn't happy with the look of them as they were before, and didn't really feel like they represented me, just someone who I thought I should be. I will also be altering my content slightly to talk about more of the things that I love, like cruelty free perfume, halloween themed things (they're not just for one day y'know), games, fantasy literature, and anything else that I feel other darkly inclined people might find enjoyable. Speaking of which, I feel that my current 'feel' is too light and mainstream, where I myself am more alternative, and I'd really like to show my personality more in my posts (hopefully you enjoy this!). So, stay tuned for a slightly different Light in the Wasteland, where hopefully we can build a little darkly inclined family.


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