Saturday, 13 June 2015


In honour of the new season of Orange is the New Black – which I am desperately trying not to binge watch this weekend – here are a few of my favourite shows on Netflix, for when you inevitably do binge watch the entire series and need something else to fill the void.

Once Upon a Time
A fantasy series set across our own world as well as faraway lands such as the Enchanted Forest, where all of the characters are from fairytales. An incredibly clever, intricate show with great characters. I’ve just finished season three (Hook is just, yes, yes please), and I’ve loved every season so far. Great family fantasy series that sucks you in, and totally gets you invested in the characters. Love love love it!

American Horror Story 
An incredible dark drama, where every season revolves around a different set of characters (if you don’t already know!). Netflix currently has the first three – Murder House, Asylum and Coven – and I hope they add thee fourth to their collection sometime soon (I haven’t seen it yet!). Each season has different supernatural elements, and all make for pretty intense watching at times – but definitely the good holy-crap-this-is-terrifying-what’s-going-to-happen-next kind. My favourite so far is coven, because witches, but three are spectacular. But, er, don’t watch it while you have your lunch or before bedtime.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
A Netflix original comedy that I watched on a whim but am so glad I did! This show is hilarious! I don’t think its everyone’s cup of tea (my bf turned his nose up at it) but everyone I know who’s seen it, loves it. It follows Kimmy, a woman who has just been rescued from a cult in an underground bunker, on her discovery of the world. It’s funny without being cringey or awkward, and she is just adorable. Binge watch at your peril, there’s currently only one season!

RuPaul’s Drag Race
A competition style show, like America’s Next Top Model, but with drag queens. Watching these kinds of shows is a guilty pleasure of mine, and this one is fantastically sassy, with inventive challenges and fabulous competitors (like, can they come team me makeup, please, because they be flawless). Great show to watch when you just want something fun on in the background while you get ready to go out, and then inevitably fall in love with and watch all of the time, wait what?

Another Netflix original series, based on the Marvel comics, is a beautifully styled dark drama. Just watch it for that title opening sequence alone! This show has gotten a few haters (honestly any adaptation will) but I really liked it! Lots of action, which was refreshingly realistic, and some great actors. The way they filmed his ‘vision’ was awesome too. Definitely give this show a try if you like superhero, vigilante, or comic book adaptation shows (if you like Gotham, you might like this too – I like both for the styling and ‘feel’ alone!)


If you haven’t watched any of OITNB yet, get to it! It’s a fantastic, hilarious comedy set in a women’s prison, with an incredible array of diverse, very real characters with interesting backstories and plotlines. It also has a great opening soundtrack from Regina Spektor (which I actually never skip, even though it lasts ages!). Alex is gorgeous, the thing she does with here eyebrow? Yes. I love her and hate her, don’t know if I want to be her or.. ahem. I also have a weird crush on Pornstache. Any one else? Just me?

Pic from this hilarious buzzfeed post.


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