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Now, I love Lush (like my-dream-job-would-be-to-work-there kinda love) but what has always baffled me is the fact they don’t bring out a specific fathers day range. Their recent newsletter linked to you a new Dad's Garden fragrance gift set and their regular shaving products - but not a new limited edition range, like they do for other seasonal events. Dads need some Lush in their lives too!

My dad loves bath bombs, maybe even more than my mum does. They both have had a special bubble bath as a treat once a week, but my dad hoards bath bombs like you wouldn't believe – precisely cutting them into pieces so they last longer. Its safe to say that every gift he’s ever received from me in the last few years has contained at least one, and I'm pretty sure that between him and my mum, they've tried them all. I've gotten gift boxes in the past, and also made up my own with loose products - both have gone down a treat. He's recently also gotten into their skincare (after using mine!), but I think that skincare is a personal choice - and bath & body related goodness is much easier to gift.

This year for Father's Day, part of his gift includes the lovely Honey from Lush, which contains four products that are (you guessed it) packed full of honey! It has: Honey I Washed The Kids soap (which smells gorgeous, like caramel), Honey Bee bath bomb (one of his favourites), Soft Coer massage bar (for toffee scented soft skin) and It's Raining Men shower gel (a personal favourite of my own) - all products that are perfect for the hardworking skin of my gardening-DIYing-handyman dad.

Lush has plenty of other products that would be perfect for Father's day. So if you're struggling to find something for him, head down to your local Lush! Here are my picks of perfect Father's day gifts on any budget:

Buttercup, (£8.95) - gorgeous sweet scented products: caramel scented Honey I Washed The Kids soap, and the cocoa butter bath bomb Butterball. Perfect for someone with a sweet tooth.

Tutti Fruity, (£10.50) - lovely fruity products: Magnificent soap (containing mango, mandarin neroli) and Happy Hippy shower gel (made with grapefruit, bergamot and frankincense) - fresh, fruity and uplifting fragrances.

Ahoy There, (£10.75) - sea themed gift, featuring: Ocean Salt face and body scrub (for some serious sea salt, lime, vodka and grapefruit exfoliation) and Sandstone soap (which smells of lovely lemons) - perfect for the sailor at heart.

Happy Daze, (£14.95) - psychedelic gift filled with colourful bath products, including: Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb, Fizzbanger bath bomb, Brightside bubble bar and The Comforter bubble bar. Perfect for the dad who loves his baths (this was a close contender for my own dad's gift!).

Ray of Sunshine, (£15.50) - inspired by the Mediterranean, this gift contains The Olive Branch shower gel, Sugar Scrub, Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) massage bar, and Sandstone soap. Think olives, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit and lemon - beautiful sunny citrus smells.

Splash, (£19.50) - this blue box holds four refreshing and revitalising sea themed products: Sea Vegetable soap, Seanik shampoo bar, Whoosh shower jelly, and Ocean Salt face and body scrub. If your dad likes fresh scents and products, this one's a winner.

If none of these seem quite right, you could always make your own! Check out Smugglers Soul perfume, Veerappan moustache wax, Big Blue bath bomb and Volcano foot mask. Hopefully you've found some last minute inspiration here!
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PS| For information on Lush's cruelty free status, click here. // Credit| All product pictures from the website. 

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