Wednesday, 3 June 2015


It seems like right now, it's one big change after another. Everything is going on at once! So, I thought I would share all of these new big adventures with you.


I've finally finished my undergraduate psychology degree! Last month I completed my last exam, and later this month I'll find out how I did. I already know that I got a first on my dissertation, which I am immensely proud of, so will hopefully finish the entirety of my course with a first class degree! It has been an experience - a struggle at times, but an adventure nonetheless. Now I graduate in July, and even have a graduation ball (in the theme of 'once upon a time' - how perfect!). Of course I'll be sharing the whole experience on here.


I'm currently applying for a (science) masters in research, which will allow me to continue the research I did during my dissertation (which is on empathic embarrassment, if you're interested!). I chose this, instead of a typical masters, so I could have a bit more freedom over what I study, and it and should also help me further a career in research - which is my current plan. I've just had the interview, and if all goes well (and I get my funding!) I'll be starting in September! FYI, I'm doing the masters at the same university I did my undergraduate - Portsmouth - as I love the lecturers and the city in general!


I rented my current flat on my own - and living alone was incredibly liberating after two years of sharing houses - but now it is time to move on. My current place is spacious, and a good price for what you get, but it has its issues - particularly the fact that there is mould everywhere, and it keeps coming back no matter how much I clean it (super gross)! I've wanted to move out for quite some time, and now that uni is over I have no excuse! (Although I am still having a hard time with estate agents as I'm technically still a student, nightmare!)


Not only am I moving out, but I am taking the plunge and getting a flat with my partner! We've been together two years now, and have been alternating nights at his flat and mine. Now that we were both in the position that we wanted to move, it just made sense to move in together and get our own place. I'm definitely looking forward to this! We're just signing the contracts for a lovely little two bedroom flat not far from my current place, and I'm super excited for the move.


Lastly, another big adventure - I've finally started this blog. I've been wanting to for a while, but kept putting it off for one reason or another: I didn't want it to impact my studies so close to the end of uni, I didn't have a camera so waited until I bought one, I wanted to wait until I had enough propbs/backgrounds to take decent pictures .... in the end I got fed up with waiting, and just went for it! I know my pictures are no way near as professional as other bloggers, but they'll definitely get better with time and experience. Hopefully I can gather a few followers who can join me on my blogging journey and see this little blog grow!

Are there any big changes going in your life? Let me know! xx Sarah

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