Wednesday, 24 June 2015


After all of the new games announced at E3, I noticed a few that caught my eye, then realised ... that they were next generation console exclusive. My poor little Xbox 360 wouldn't be able to play them. As there's a few games that I just have to play, I've decided that I will totally be getting an Xbox One either around Christmas time, or New Year - when I've saved up enough and also played through all of my current game pile. So I thought I would share my current game wishlist with you!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

The action RPG based on a series of fantasy novels, and only on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, looks fantastic. My boyfriend has this and plays it constantly, and half the time I am literally just sat there watching him play (wishing I had an Xbox One too) because the environments are gorgeous, the creatures are really cool, and Geralt is just awesome. To me, it looks like a cross between Dragon Age and Skyrim, which is totally my jam. In regards to weaponry, you have a myriad of beautiful swords, a crossbow and some own unique abilities. If you like huge open world maps, mythical creatures as enemies, and majestic boat rides into the sunset then you should get on this too: it’s a brutal and beautiful game. 


An action adventure Xbox One exclusive that was just released at E3. In the trailer, a female protagonist, and her robotic companion, explore an almost post-apocalyptic landscape – fighting off other robotic enemies. I don’t know much about this game but the characters and environments look amazing – I love the female lead, it’s so rare in new games now – so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on more information.

Fallout 4

The next instalment of the Fallout series (the post apocalyptic RPG), only on next generation consoles and PC, has finally been officially released after a lot of hush hush. There’s not too much information out at the moment, but it seems like you will be playing as a Vault 111 survivor, and hopefully the same beautiful open world element will be in place. I will be getting this game (and swooning over the Pip-Boy edition which is sold out already?) purely for the fact that Dogmeat cannot die. I repeat, your wonderful canine companion has been confirmed to be some sort of magical immortal dog. I still remember my Dogmeat being literally cut in half by some flamethrower-hunting rifle combo courtesy of a gang of super mutants because it got stuck on some steps and couldn’t accept healing *tear* so this pleases me immensely. 

The Elder Scrolls Online

A new MMO RPG, from the same series as Skyrim (and apparently set before). I love the customisation aspects of this series, and the new game is to feature the choice of three factions, and nine playable races – what with the actual character customisation and armour, skills, weaponry etc. there are literally thousands of possibilities for you to create your very own character. I know a lot of people are excited for this, and I am too!

Sunset Overdrive

 An Xbox One exclusive open world third person shooter, with customisation, ‘agile combat’ (read: parkour, ziplines and grind rails) and insane weaponry; where the aim seems to be to fight a mutant population (who got that way from contaminated energy drink of course). This seems to have a random comedy similar to other games I like such as Saints Row, Amped 3, Wet, etc, so should just be a light hearted fun game. 

Any of these on your to-play list too?

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