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crown and glory glitterati june

I love surprises, partly because of the anticipation, and partly because it doesn't involve decision making - both very appealing qualities to me. I've been getting this box for six months now, and can say with certainty that it is worth it - as there is something for everyone. There is always something in each box that I instantly love, something that I actually wear, something that I don't like at first glance and then warm to at a later date and end up loving, and something that I just cannot see myself using. I am a tricky customer, and incredibly picky, so the fact that I don't just hate everything is a shining recommendation. 

If you' don't know what I'm on about - the Glitterati is a monthly subscription box from fantastic hair accessory company Crown & Glory, and each month they ship out themed boxes full of goodies - like flower crowns, hair pins, fascination and hair bands - worth around £50. Everyone gets the same things, but in slightly different colourways/variations, and there's a secret facebook group with a swapshop to trade pieces. Subscriptions cost £23.95 for UK and a bit more for international deliveries. (Psst, if you pop my name into the referral box when you sign up, we'll both get a £10 voucher!). 

This month's box was tropical themed and contained the following products:


An adorable little bright blue fascination with cocktail umbrellas. Got to be honest, when I first saw this I turned my nose up at it. I tried it on and it just looks silly on me, but I've seen photos of other members wearing it and it looks pretty good - so with the right styling, this could be one of those products that I find again later in the year and see in a new light, or use on a themed night out! // RRP £15


Two cute little flower pins, with gradient colour details and delicate little petals. I love these, they are so adorable! They come on some slim pins, which are perfect for my thin hair as they don't pull it out when I remove them. I can see these getting a lot of use - to pull back a front fringey section of hair, or to pop into a bun or ponytail. I've seen these in another colourway as well (with a yellow one!) which I also really want! I love C&G's little bobby pins, they're usually my favourite piece from each box as they're just so wearable for hair accessory noobs like myself! // RRP £6


A huge glittery orange slice! Ok so to me this is so kitchy its cute, its gone full circle from being too garish to being actually petty sweet (if that makes sense!). I tried this on and it just doesn't work on my tiny head, the only way I can get it to fit makes me look like I have a citrus wedge crown (which is pretty awesome but not the look I was going for) so I'm very tempted to turn it into a brooch instead! Oh and FYI there is a watermelon version of this, which I kinda need - imagine two symmetrical fruit wedge brooches either side of a cardigan, just yes.  // RRP £15


A delicate little hummingbird sat on a clip. This little guy is just the cutest! I love the amount of detail, great craftsmanship! The card suggests tucking it into a floral crown or beehive, and that sounds perfect! I'm not too sure about the colourway, purely because of my hair colour - does orange go with lilac? - so I might look into some other, more delicate, colours. // RRP £8


Beautiful orchid flowers on a long clip. So this was the first piece I saw in the box, and I was seriously just like 'ahhhhhh' - it's gorgeous! I've seen some girls styling theirs by clipping one side of their hair away from their face, or clipping up their hair at the back into an up-do. I'm going to have to perfect this as I really love it and want to wear it, but it just feels a bit too long for my head, and pokes out oddly however I style it. I will get there! // RRP £8

In this flatlay I have styled my C&G pieces with my Gin and Tonic perfume, from The Library of Fragrance and Crypt Cream ApocalipSLICK from Lunatick Cosmetics Labs, which I feel are the perfect addition to any of these tropical pieces. xx Sarah

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